Wow!  When we took the decision to offer our own phone systems alongside our IT services, we had no idea of how popular they would be!

We were fed up with speaking to customers who had been let down, overcharged or mis-advised when trying to sort out their phone systems.  We realised that we had all the infrastructure, technical expertise and commercial experience to offer a fresh new approach to business telephone systems.

We were convinced that a ‘one stop shop’ was the best way for our customers, with the same engineers, admin staff and account managers looking after the phone system as the IT.  So many parts of it overlap – the networking, the Broadband, they security – it was just logical, and very reassuring for customers, to have one familiar point of contact for both systems.

Paul Barton at Midas Systems said “We have been with CSSCloud for many years for our IT systems, and when we  had the opportunity to move our phones to them it seemed an obvious choice.  The price was good, the pre installation advice was clear and thorough, and the installation was smooth.  The call quality is great compared with our old system, and we are looking forward to adding some of the extra features which are available to make us even more flexible and efficient.”

CSSCloud can offer replacements for all types of phone system, whether your priority is price, mobile staff, flexible working, hot desking, or you just want to replace an existing office based system – we have the solution to fit.  Give us a call or for more details go to