Backup and Disaster Recovery

Let us build a managed backup solution that works for your business.

Backups are boring, and like insurance, something which seems expensive right up until the time you need it. Did you know, your Business Protection insurance policy may not be valid if you can’t show that you have proper robust backup procedures in place?

Let us build a managed backup solution that works for your business.

Managed backups are one of the most important computer services. How would your business recover data following a disaster?

If your computer systems are physically stolen, digitally compromised or suffer a hardware failure how quickly could you get back up and running?

Let us build a backup solution that works for your business… one that will help you sleep easy at night, sound in the knowledge that you have a secure, uncorrupted and up-to-date backup of your data and computer systems.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions in three steps:

Backup everything

We backup your data, your server operating system, users’ desktops and documents, file permissions, Active Directory… essentially, everything that makes your business tick!

Just backing up data is OK, but it won’t tackle lost productivity in the event of a disaster, while you wait to manually put systems back together. We can spin up a new virtual server from your backups quickly and efficiently, should disaster strike!

Backup your backup (really!) with offsite mirroring to the cloud

We’ll mirror your backup on a secure cloud-based system meaning should the worst happen, we hold a healthy backup of your data and computer systems.

Check your backup integrity

We always know if your backups have gone as planned. If a backup doesn’t complete, we’ll take steps to ensure it does next time. This all happens automatically, so you can concentrate on running your business, while we concentrate on your backups.