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“As Chair of Governors at Browick Road Primary School, I spend time with the Headteacher (Pauline) and the wider staff and we talk about all aspects of the school.  I have been very impressed with the feedback I have heard about the input from CSSCloud since the new contract has been awarded.  You have certainly hit the ground running in terms of supporting the school and have significantly improved our IT provision and support.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the positive and professional impact CSSCloud has made.”

Jeremy Wiggin, Chair of Governors

“You have created what appears to be exactly what we wanted with very limited information from us.

It was so nice to work with someone who was prepared to meet all of our requirements, and be so approachable and efficient.

We look forward to expanding on the system in the future.”

Wendy, Beeline Refrigeration

“Since coming over to CSS we now have the ability to work seamlessly from home during these difficult times. This has helped us immensely to keep the business running right back from the first lockdown and throughout.

Any issues we have had have been rectified swiftly by your team. They are great to deal with and always happy to help.”

Tom Greig, Operations Director

“Your approach to getting this set up and the ticket closed was excellent. Communication was concise and effective; you had the knowledge and ability to carry out the work quickly and then followed it up with a call back to brief me on what had been done and how it worked. In summary, great job done. I’m grateful for your support on this one!”

James, JME

“Just successfully been connected remotely to our server by Jordan and would like to say what a brilliant job he did.

Thank you and your team.”

Lynne, Access Community Trust

“Thanks for your fantastic service and support earlier this week.

We couldn’t have achieved what we did as quickly without your diligence and hard work.”

Dan, Aldreds

“I personally wanted to pass on our thanks to the team at CSSCloud.

All the guys at PDL and especially myself, wanted to pass on our thanks to Shane for his patience and willingness to assist, without this, I know for a fact, the entire process would have encountered far more difficulties and issues than we actually did.

I felt the need to contact you to pass on our thanks as in today’s world, people are very quick to judge, criticise and generally just moan, and I think at the moment we could all do with a bit of goodwill, kindness and thanks.

Our thanks to the entire team at CSSCloud!

Karen, Prior Diesel

“I just thought I would touch base with you about our business contract with yourselves.

Mark Sheridan (Director) spoke to me today and said he is very pleased with where we are now with our IT. He is also impressed with the level of service we have had with your staff, as I am, and I thought it only prevalent to pass this on to you.”

Sue, JMS Contractors