Firewalls (Unified Threat Management)

Essential Security for your business

With the increase in the use of portable electronic devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets etc), there are more opportunities than ever for your corporate network to become compromised, resulting in downtime, loss of earnings and exposure to liability.

Securing your computer systems doesn’t end with installing anti-virus. We offer complete Unified Threat Management solutions that protect your entire computer network. Sitting between your Internet connection and internal computer network, these devices intelligently analyse traffic as it travels through. If it spots anything suspicious, it’s promptly blocked.

Unified Threat Management; it’s your always-on security specialist, keeping your business and computers safe.

How is a UTM device different from a standard firewall?

Our system is more than just a firewall that prevents access to certain ports and services. Unified Threat Management intelligently analyses all network traffic entering and leaving your computer network. Malicious intruders are blocked from entering the network, and advanced intrusion prevention engines spot patterns that look suspicious, instead of just relying solely on information about known threats.

You wouldn’t leave your physical assets unlocked at night, so why wouldn’t you take similar steps to protect your digital ones?