We recently welcomed the arrival of our first three All-Electric company vehicles!

As part of our progress towards receiving the Carbon Charter award we have replaced two diesel engine cars with All-Electric models for our service engineers to use when travelling to visit clients, and have also replaced one of our Directors’ cars with an All-Electric model.

We have installed a dedicated charging point at our office, and with an impressive range of around 300 miles this ensures that we can always charge the cars at a time that is best for our electricity bill, and for the electricity suppliers.

For those of you who have yet to try an electric car, they are great! Quiet, comfortable, very responsive and full of great gadgets (well we are an IT company!). In the next few months we plan to replace our remaining diesel van with another All-Electric vehicle, and we can’t see any reason for ever buying a conventional-engined car again.

We are working hard right across the company to reduce our environmental impact, with improvements such as better recycling, no single use plastics, and low energy lighting and heating. The new cars are just another way that we can help protect our local environment and show that we are serious about doing business better.