So here we are on Friday again. This week has passed just so quickly; so many huge changes to our lives. The news has just broken that the PM and the Health Minister have tested positive for COVID-19, and they are unlikely to be the last of the Government to succumb.

Well done to those who have been able to stay at home, self-isolate, and work remotely. And for those critical workers who can’t do that; thank you for what you are doing.

For our part, we have had all hands to the pumps for two solid weeks, and we have now turned the tide of support calls and our ticket queues and response times are back to normal. Thank you – again – for all your patience and support.  We will not be scaling down our availability or business hours in any way. We will continue to be here as usual, including our out-of-hours service for any emergencies.

Now we have completed the emergency work for you, take time next week to think about how we can further improve your remote working experience, and any tweaks or adjustments that you may need. We have a number of things which may be of help to you, over and above what you may already have in place, including a brand new security product specifically aimed at those working from home for the first time. We will be in touch next week to communicate this.

So as this unprecedented week draws to a close, I hope you and your families are all staying well. Hopefully we will all be able to relax a bit this weekend and recharge the batteries, and we look forward to speaking to many of you again next week.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure, and Stay in Touch!