What impression do customers get when they call your business?

Introducing PromptVoice, our in-queue, on-hold and interactive prompt recording service that takes telephony to a whole new level. PromptVoice enables you to regularly refresh your in-queue and on-hold audio so callers never hear outdated messages

Seamlessly implement music and messages from a library of 10,000+ message scripts and recordings, or procure bespoke prompts and messages, recorded by one of our 300+ voice artists or best of breed Text-To-Speech (TTS) characters, all edited and quality checked by our studio engineers.


  • Vast library of licence free and regularly updated music playlists in many genres
  • Audio securely streamed or available as download files
  • Instantly available prompts and marketing messages from text-to-speech characters
  • 10,000+ marketing message templates and recordings, plus bespoke messages
  • 50+ languages and dialects available from 300+ professional voice artists

How it works?

You can order recordings from an intuitive portal, selecting professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages, or ordering bespoke prompts and messages. You also gain the option to use instant Text To Speech recordings permanently or until voice artist recordings are delivered in 2-3 days, providing both the speed of TTS, and the professionalism of a real voice. PromptVoice mixes the selected music and messages together and streams it to your platform, in real time.


  • Enables you to deliver an outstanding caller experience,
  • Opens hundreds of new marketing opportunities
  • Minimal effort required to implement instant changes
  • Simple price plans to suit your business

Open marketing opportunities and improve caller experience now – add PromptVoice to your CSSCloud telephone system today!

Please discuss this with your account manager or contact us for more information or a demo!

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