Well last night was a shock for many of us, even though in truth we had seen it coming. Businesses now are even more dependent on their ability for staff to work remotely.

We are proud to be able to do our part for the economic health of the country by helping so many businesses to carry on in these difficult times. We still continue to be so impressed by the understanding, the patience, and the supportive comments from our customers. Thank you so much for all of that, it really does help us.

So, today has been what is now “business as normal” with our team all working from separate locations, communicating by our flexible phone system and products like Microsoft Teams as well as our own in-house bespoke systems. If ever there was a time to show what a Business Continuity plan should look like this is it!

Although I know we will do everything we can to get all of you up and running as soon as possible, remember that we are not going anywhere. We will be here all through this, fully operational, at the end of the phone or an email to give you the usual level of service. If you need something changed or added next week or the week after, don’t worry, we can do it. We even still have a few laptops left, and have devised safe methods of getting them to you if you need them.

Thank you for all your support and camaraderie in these trying times; remember to send your “working at home” photos to gallery@csscloud.co.uk, we all need a morale boost and a smile whenever we can.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure, we will all come through this together.