Windows 7 was launched in July 2009, which means it’s positively ancient in technology terms, therefore it is no surprise that Microsoft will be dimming the lights on it and removing support for it from January.

Microsoft removing their “support” for it, does not mean they suddenly stop seeing it regularly and pack it off to the retirement home for old age operating systems. It’s actually the equivalent of drilling holes in the bottom of a boat whilst it is out at sea. It’s going down, so make sure it doesn’t take you with it.

Window 7, as of 14th January, will immediately become susceptible to hacking and malicious activity, which in the past Microsoft would have released a patch or update to fix.

These updates will simply no longer happen and very quickly the system will become broken, allowing cyber thieves to take advantage of users who continue to use it. The longer it is in use, the more security holes will appear and the more likely it is that you will be affected.

If you value your data, privacy and identity, do not use Windows 7 after the 14th January, it’s a sinking ship.

Please see our comprehensive Windows 7 End of Life page for further information, here.