Yes, it’s another CSSCloud Blog about cyber security!

We really can’t shout loud or often enough about this. That’s because on an almost daily basis, we respond to a local business that has had concerns about a data breach or hacking attempt. These are not large PLC’s or government branches being attacked, they are local, small to medium sized businesses, some of them are well known within our local area, some are not. However, what they have in common is that they had fallen victim to a phishing attempt or brute force password hack. At which point, their data, reputation and financial stability were at risk.

Whereas just a few years ago a good antivirus program and a firewall was all you needed to have a warm and cuddly feeling about your computer security, nowadays it’s not so simple. Traditional antivirus is out of date 2 seconds after its last update and a firewall
cannot prevent an employee from giving away their password when a seemingly convincing email from “Microsoft” demands they enter it.

However, there is one single change that we can make to your system, that will greatly reduce the risk of being hacked – Multi-factor authentication.

This is where we add another layer of protection to your password system. When this is enabled, anytime a user enters their email password in to a site, a secret code is generated and must be submitted. This ensures that the password cannot be used without direct authorisation from the actual user and therefore the password cannot be stolen.

This is very similar to the system used by banks to stop unauthorised access to current accounts. In practice, if a user does put their email address and password into a “phishing” site, the hacker at the other end cannot do anything with these details because they won’t have the secret code.

This additional layer of security has no ongoing charge as it is now part of your existing Office 365 package. To set this up, our engineers will attend on-site and authorise your PC’s and any mobile devices that access your Office 365 accounts. The only cost is a one-off and that will be the on-site time required to carry out this procedure, which could be as little as a few hours.

Enabling multi-factor authentication is absolutely 100% the best decision you can make today to protect your organisation from cyber fraud and hacking. We are always very happy to talk to you about all the other fantastic security solutions and advanced system we offer to reduce the chances of something bad happening, but multi-factor authentication should come first.