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Are you one of the 40% of small businesses who don’t back up their data? And even if you aren’t, do you have both on-site and off-site backups, fully automated and fully monitored?

Losing data will cost your business money, time and can damage your brand. We’ve partnered with Acronis to deliver a 3-step backup programme to save the day if your server goes down.

We’ll create an off-site copy, saved in the Cloud. Even if your premises are destroyed, your data will be waiting for you at your temporary site.
We’ll store your data on two types of local media. Generally this is your main server with imaging backups to a ‘NAS’ hard drive.
We’ll ensure you always have three copies of your data – a production copy of your live data and two backups.
Backups are boring – except when you need one. We can tailor a solution to your requirements.

Find out more about Acronis Backups here!

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