Home working needs to be secure working.

You trust them, but can you trust what’s on their home network?

Remote working has allowed a great percentage of businesses to continue to operate in these difficult times. It is common for employees to access business networks and systems from their own homes, and in many cases, using their own home IT equipment.

Whilst VPN (virtual private network) connections into your business network are themselves secure, there is a danger that an employee’s own personal PC is not secure. It’s very unlikely to have been subject to the same level of protection as a standard business PC.

  • Virus protection, if any is installed, could be outdated or a trial version that has expired and not functioning.
  • Windows and security updates could be disabled or out of date, which would mean the PC is extremely vulnerable to attack and exploitation.
  • Due to the wide range of software, games, web browsing and other applications that a home PC provides, there is no way to be certain that there are no nasties lurking on a PC.

As home PCs are not owned or operated by the businesses, it is very difficult to enforce any kind of controls or measures to enable a safe environment that protects your business network and data. Any compromise which occurred could well have GDPR as well as commercial consequences.

It is for this reason why we are now offering Remote Worker protection; a solution consisting of our standard managed anti-virus software and patch/update management solution.

This unobtrusive software will protect your home worker’s PCs with up to date, managed and monitored virus protection, whilst ensuring that all available patches, bug fixes and updates are applied.

The end result is that your business network and data have far greater protection.

of employed adults working from home (April 2020)
1 in 4
UK workers have quit roles for greater flexibility
7 million
1 in 4 is equivalent to more than 7 million people across the UK working population

Introducing HomeWorker Protect.

We offer three levels of remote worker protection to suit any type of business. We can help you identify the right level of support; just call us or send us an email using the contact form below.


£ 8 .00 £ 3 .50
  • Bitdefender managed anti-virus
  • Patch and update managment


£ 10 .00 £ 6 .00
  • SentinelOne next-generation managed anti-virus
  • Patch and update management


£ 12 .00 £ 8 .00
  • SentinelOne next-generation managed anti-virus
  • Patch and update management
  • DNS and web filtering

Note that this product does not include the full CSSCloud support and support desk package, which covers your business IT equipment.

This is intended as a low cost solution to remove most of the risk of home working for your staff, at an affordable price.

To support you during the current crisis we are offering it an even lower cost, for the duration. See promo cost above.