Over the past couple of weeks we have worked extensively to get hundreds of our clients and employees set up for home working and I’m sure you can appreciate this is has been a mammoth task and one we are still undertaking.

This is a new way of working for many, and we are receiving a number of support requests for users who are having issues in getting their remote connection working. These are normally very quickly resolved, and so we have created a Remote Working Connection Guides, which may help your users get up and running without having to wait for a call back from us.

We have a dedicated guide depending on which method of connection you are using:

Please circulate this information to your team, as we feel in many cases it will get you up and running as quickly as possible, with the added benefit to us of reducing some duplicated support requests.

Obviously we are on hand as always to respond to any support requests your team may have.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure, Stay in Touch.