So we’re now well into the second week of our daily updates, and it is great to hear how many of you are enjoying reading them, even if we have just managed to send you a blank email out in error – oops! See, even we have IT issues sometimes…

Clearly many of you are also taking some comfort from the fact that (within reason) we are working as normal; of course we don’t feel very normal, working from our homes and with all the concerns for friends and family.  Many of you have said that if you hadn’t been told that we are working from home, then you would never have known from your contacts with us. That’s a huge compliment to all the work that has gone into our own systems and our Business Continuity planning.

I am sure that when this is all behind us, many of us will find working from home, maybe just sometimes, is a real viable alternative to being in the office. Hopefully over this period we are proving the concept to you all, and we look forward to helping you to build secure, remote systems for you to support your own business.

Once we have reached a stage where everyone who needs help setting up remote working during this initial phase is sorted, then we will start reaching out to you with further ideas. Those of you using Microsoft Teams already will realise what a brilliant tool it is for collaborative working, we certainly couldn’t manage without it. We will review with you the systems that we are now putting in place, maybe finding more streamlined ways of working for you or additional ways you can benefit.

That being said, that’s a little in the future. We feel that the volume of calls we are receiving is starting to plateau, but overall we are still busier than we have ever been on the Support Desk. I want to pay tribute again to our tireless team whether on the phones, working on your PCs, or discussing with you and planning the best ways for you to work.

Your patience and praise are a great support to our team, and we thank you for it.

Until tomorrow then, Stay Safe, Stay Secure, and send us your home working pictures to