Well any thoughts that last week would be our busiest week ever have disappeared as Monday dawned with an immediate influx of calls! We are very fortunate to have our brilliant workforce 100% fit and well and working flat out to get everyone set up for safe working.

So we thought today that we wouldn’t mention laptops, VPNs, Remote Working and definitely not the “C” word! Instead, as so many of you have enjoyed our regular updates, we thought we’d invite you to get involved.

Please send us your pictures of where you are currently working from.  We’re expecting lots of people in their bedrooms, dining rooms, conservatories etc, but don’t feel left out if you are still able to work safely in your office, send us your pictures too!

Of course be careful not to include any personal info in the pictures, and in any case we will check them before publishing them and they will be anonymous. Please also put a note in your email that you are happy to join in, just to keep the legal people happy! Email your pictures to gallery@csscloud.co.uk.

Finally, just the ongoing reminder that we are here as normal, fully resourced and available for anything you need. Lean on us, we’re happy to help, to talk and to support you and your business.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure, Stay with CSSCloud.