So a midweek update this week, as there is lots to think about after the Governments announcements of the last few days.

Certainly some of you will now be planning a return to the workplace after working remotely. This is good news, but may still require some adjustments as not all staff may be returning at the same time, or offices may need to be re-arranged to accommodate safe distancing etc.

Whatever you are planning, please keep us in the loop. Not only so we can offer advice and guidance but also so we can plan our workloads. We expect that the return to work will be a more phased process than when lockdown kicked in and everyone had to work remotely, but we still need to plan to make sure we can cope logistically. Also, here are just a few considerations for “rebooting” the office:

  • If you had emails diverted, or auto replies set up, which of these need to be changed?
  • Did you change security to lock out furloughed employees from certain systems? This will need to be considered. Also bear in mind that when you reinstate users it can take time for the changes to take effect.
  • If PCs or laptops have been turned off, you should turn them back on before they are needed to check for problems and to allow updates to be installed.
  • If staff were granted additional access, especially remote access, this should be turned off to remove security risks.

As ever, we will keep you posted on developments and things that we learn as we help people return to work. Do not hesitate to contact any of the team, to discuss your plans or to talk through any issues that you have. We are, as we have always been, here to help.

One final thing today; just a reminder, that where we did work for you to set up remote working at the start of lockdown, there will be no additional charge for reversing those measures, so don’t hesitate to call us for assistance. #notprofiteeringfromCovid-19