And so the second period of lockdown begins. Wherever you may be, in the office, at home, or anywhere else, I hope you’re staying safe and managing the situation as best you can.

To be honest, we don’t know quite what today will bring. Most customers we have spoken to feel that it is slightly easier than last time because we all know what we’re doing to stay safe, and those who are able to keep trading hopefully now have Covid-safe work places.

But we do know that we are doing everything possible to support you all. We have rearranged our schedules for today and tomorrow to make sure that we have the maximum number of technicians available to take your calls. And although most of you are telling us that the majority of people who need to work from home are already set up from last time, we know that there will be teething problems for some, such as expired passwords or forgotten processes, and sudden changes of plan, so we are all poised here to help you out.

However prepared we are, you may recall us telling you that we had a massive influx of calls back in March and April, and although we dealt with those as quickly as we could, there were still some delays. We hope that won’t happen this time, but please work with us if everything is not quite as slick as you are used to.

Finally please remember that we need to consider security all the time, so anyone that we set up for remote working needs to make sure that their remote security is every bit as good as in the office. That is why we launched our special Remote Worker security package, and we are holding the same cut price rates for this lockdown as last time.

Above all we will be here, like we always are, ready to help in any way we can. Stay safe and stay in touch, we will make sure that at least the IT part of this is as painless as possible!