Well this seems a little déjà vu doesn’t it! Although at first glance the current lockdown is a little less restrictive than last time, we are already up to speed with some changes to make sure we are ready to support you effectively and safely.

Firstly, our Helpdesk is standing by for your calls. Taking on board the Government’s request to work from home if you can, many of our team will go back to working from home where appropriate, but we are still operating at 100%. Last time many of you said that you didn’t even realise that we were all working from home which was a huge compliment to our systems, hopefully it will all be equally seamless for you this time.

For those who can’t work from home, such as the Workshop or On-site teams, we are again revisiting our Risk Assessments to make sure that they can all continue to operate effectively and safely. For any planned visits, we will liaise with you and discuss your individual risk assessments to make sure that we are all comfortable with how we go about the visit. Under the current guidance, at the moment we hope to be able to carry on with the majority of our site visits, though of course we will keep this under constant review.

Finally on a positive note, and to be fair we already had this situation in view, we recently secured stock of laptops at sensible prices. So if you need to get staff working from home, please do give us a call and we’ll discuss how that might work for you.

Please do stay in touch, anything at all we can help with just give us a call.