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Wifi is essential in modern business environments. Whether your employees use laptops or you want to connect phones or tablets to your network or internet, your business needs a robust, secure method for getting online wherever you are.

Can I have WIFI anywhere in my office?

Yes! Our WIFI installations are nothing like the free router you get with your home broadband. We use enterprise-level hardware to deliver a signal to the most hard-to-reach corners of your premises. It starts with a site survey. We’ll map the areas you need WIFI to reach, and plan an installation that mixes hard-wired equipment like Wireless Access Points to build a seamless network.

Will there be WIFI deadspots?

You can have WIFI anywhere you require. We use technologies from Draytek and Ubiquity to create multiple access points wherever you need to get online. You can seamlessly roam between access points without losing connections.

Is WIFI secure in my office?

We can build multiple, secure networks to ensure your data stays safe. Need a network for visitors to connect to? No problem! You can have an open visitor’s WIFI that is isolated from your main network, protecting your files from malicious intrusion. We’ll also give you a secure, encrypted network for employees to access files and data.

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