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Business servers make collaborating between employees faster and easier. Whether you have a company file server for sharing data or an email server for managing email, calendar and contacts, most businesses will require a server of some sort once they reach a certain size.

Managing your server can be a headache! If you don’t keep your server updated you risk security breaches and data loss. If you do update your server something can break! Employing full-time members of staff with the skills required to maintain servers is expensive.

CSSCloud have the solution. Our managed servers are just that – servers that we manage for you. We’ll build you a custom server using the latest hardware. We’ll install remote management tools allowing us to securely monitor the health of your system.

We can also easily make changes for you, such as creating or updating user accounts, email accounts and network storageĀ folders.

If you need a server for your business without the hassle of building and maintaining one, contact us today.

  • Processor

    We'll include the latest processors to make sure your server runs quickly

  • Memory

    We'll include plenty of memory to run the services you need

  • Remote configuration

    We can make changes to your server at your request remotely

  • Remote monitoring

    We'll actively monitor your server for problems and fix them

  • VPN access

    Connect from home as securely as if you were in the office

  • Security

    We'll keep your server updated and secure

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