Managed Anti-virus

Superior detection rates and outbreak response times

We all know what anti-virus software is; it’s now a completely standard part of a computer’s setup. The “managed” part is very important. Anti-virus is not a “fit and forget” product; malware threats are constantly evolving and developing, and your software needs to keep up with them.

The risks of an attack to your business can be significant and include; Direct financial losses through cyber-fraud, theft of banking credentials or from fraudulent transactions. Disruption of key business processes. Damage to your reputation. Theft of confidential information or intellectual property.

Why use CSSCloud’s Managed Anti-virus solution?

The CSSCloud managed anti-virus service includes the software itself, constant updates , and most importantly, constant monitoring for viruses and malware by our centralised systems. If your PC or laptop doesn’t receive the latest anti-virus updates for some reason, or if our Managed Anti-virus detects and quarantines a virus, it will notify us so we can intervene and restore your protection.

We’re not limited to just one type of managed anti-virus software either; we constantly review the market for the most effective solutions.

Superior detection rates and outbreak response times is why CSSCloud’s managed anti-virus solution is the ideal choice for your business.

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