In a world where security threats are evolving daily, becoming more technically advanced, more frequent and more determined, it is vital that we constantly review our tools and services to keep ahead of the game and to keep your data and network protected.

We already provide our clients with the very latest threat protection, EndPoint Detection and Response, which utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to defend your business against ransomware, zero-day attacks, and the ever-evolving online threats.

In addition to this, we also have a range of specialist tools that are designed to test a wide range of associated elements such as the integrity of your infrastructure, employee/user behaviour and system vulnerabilities.

These tools are:

These services are designed to test your I.T. systems infrastructure and to identify areas which could potentially be a vulnerability and an opportunity for the hackers to target your business. Findings of the tests provide several benefits such as identifying areas for strengthening security protection measures, training needs, as well as giving your management team reassurance that all is being undertaken to keep your company’s data secure and protected from cyber-attack and free from corporate and financial risk.