As I am sure you are aware the threat from hackers on your email accounts is constantly evolving and counteraction measures are also being developed to keep them at bay.

What is Office365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Office 365 MFA is a security check that requires an additional verification method to your normal password when logging in to your email. Commonly used methods are SMS text message or a smartphone app. Generally speaking, to access your account you need something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone).

What are the benefits of using Office365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Passwords are susceptible to hackers brute-force guessing attacks, social engineering attacks or elaborate phishing techniques. Enabling MFA on your account means that they cannot get into your account by password alone, if your password has been compromised.
It also provides a higher level of security for your sensitive emails, such as financial, personal or business information.

What are the drawbacks of using Office365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

If you don’t have your additional verification method (eg. mobile phone) with you and you want to log in to your emails from a computer you don’t normally use, you won’t be able to without assistance from CSSCloud.
It also adds a slight extra level of complexity when logging in on new devices. CSSCloud can assist with this by demonstrating to staff how to use it.

How can I set up Office365 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for my staff?

CSSCloud can set up MFA for you on your Office 365 accounts and assist each member of staff with setting it up and using it, including ensuring your smartphone email continues to work when necessary.
If you would like to discuss how Office 365 Multi-factor Authentication could help protect your emails and the important data they hold, please contact us.