Cloud Solutions

The highest physical security, backup power, climatic control and redundant connectivity.

CSSCloud are proud to be able to offer our customers their own “private cloud”, within our ultra-secure data centre.

Benefiting from the highest physical security, backup power, climatic control and redundant connectivity, we ensure our customers’ systems and data are always online and protected, whatever happens.

What’s the benefit?

As there is no reliance on owning your own physical hardware (you’re essentially renting the resources and licences from us monthly), as your business grows, we can scale your Cloud services with you. You just buy the resources you need, and only pay for what you use!

For many businesses, using Cloud solutions to replace existing hardware and services means far less hassle. Just like your email, you’ll be able to access a Cloud service anywhere you have an Internet connection, often from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop).

  • Lower-costs and longer life for your IT equipment.
  • Free up space and eliminate the need for IT cooling and infrastructure.
  • Increase your business’ resilience by protecting against theft, terrorism, natural disaster and other disruptions.
  • Provide Disaster Recovery should your IT or premises be compromised.

What’s available?

From online backup and email via Office 365, to collaboration and file storage systems like Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive or moving your whole fileserver infrastructure to the Cloud, we can help.

Simply put, Cloud services are the services you know and love – file servers, document sharing, or your favourite accountancy programme, running remotely in a secure, always-on Internet server.

On-premise Solutions

It doesn’t always make sense or it isn’t always possible to host it in the Cloud.

Often perceived as “just the big grey box sitting in the corner of the office”, the reality is that your server is the hub that ties your entire computer system together, managing security policies, providing access to your data and keeping your business applications running.

Your business applications may not be optimised to function in the Cloud, or your Internet connection may not be fast enough to offer a comparable experience. Whatever the reason, your systems need to offer the practical performance your business requires.

Whether you need on-premise, Cloud, or a combination of the two, CSSCloud have the experience and expertise to deliver real-world solutions that fit your need and provide as much flexibility and scalability as possible. Wherever your systems and data live, you’ll need anti-virus software and a backup solution you can rely on!

How can CSSCloud help?

We’re the Cloud experts… it’s even in our name. We understand the pros and cons of on-premise computer systems versus the Cloud and can discuss your specific business requirements to determine what services would be useful to help your team be most productive.