Protect your business from advanced phishing and malware attacks

Office 365 is the industry standard for cloud-based email and storage due to the extremely high quality service it provides.

It is also an enormous target for hackers and criminals.

With just one successful phishing email, even on a junior employee, hackers can exploit your entire organisation, wreaking significant damage to both your reputation and financial standing.

CSSCloud’s advanced email security solution blocks advanced attacks using sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that perform real time analysis of every single email you receive, including the links and attachments.

CSSCloud’s Advanced Email Security stats

CSSCloud’s advanced email security solution monitors and collects data from 600 million protected mailboxes worldwide to continually fine-tune the system and ensure that it is always ready to tackle the very latest and most sophisticated threats.

84 million+
Protected Mailboxes
1 million+
Emails Analysed Daily
0 billion
Phishing emails blocked (2018)