Protect your digital world from cyber-attacks with CSSCloud

Am I at risk from a Cyber Attack?

Everyone is at risk from a Cyber Attack. Since many attacks are entirely automated, no-one slips under the radar and everyone becomes a target. Bots roam the web looking for points of weakness into an organisation. Sometimes attacks are done as a proof of concept, whilst other ones result in your data being sold on the dark web.

Once in the wild, your data can be used to target your business, your employees, your customers or even your supply chain. Knowing a little bit of information can allow people to “Spear Phish” – identifying people inside and outside your organisation to target and steal further information or even money.

Introducing CloudProtect

We offer three levels of support to suit any type of business. This could be determined by the number of employees, or your “risk” level. We can help you identify the right level of support; just call us or send us an email using the contact form below.

Endpoint Detection and ResponseEverything in CORE, plus: Everything in ADVANCED, plus:
Patch managementAnnual Cyber Essentials certificationAnnual Cyber Essentials PLUS certification
Device and security monitoringAnnual penetration testing
Secure data and device disposalAdvanced email filtering
Daily backup checksMDM support
IT policies and access permissions reviewCloud gateway web filtering
Laptop encryption (Win 10 Pro)
Office 365 MFA support
Email filtering

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