The easy to use mileage tracker that’s included with many Microsoft 365 plans.

MileIQ automates your fleet mileage tracking, creating an automatic, accurate record of the miles driven.

Once MileIQ is installed it works in the background – there are no buttons to press to start or stop. Your miles are automatically logged and recorded creating a complete record of all your personal and business mileage.

MileIQ saves time by automatically classifying frequent drives on your behalf. The Work Hours feature makes it simple to set the times you work, including multiple shifts, and will automatically classify drives outside of those hours as personal. You always have the option to re-classify a drive if necessary, from the dashboard.

On a scheduled basis the user can press one button to send a formatted, detailed and accurate mileage log to a nominated email address. If they choose, then can even print those directly from their mobile device.

The free version of this software allows up to 40 drives per month and is currently the number 1 rated mileage tracking app available.

Our engineers had traditionally used hand written, manual entry mileage log books. This system was prone to considerable error as you would expect from a manual process. It also caused difficulties with shared pool cars and at the end of the month, the mileages were never quite accurate. MileIQ has been a fantastic improvement as all journeys are logged automatically and without error. The increase in efficiency and accuracy has been dramatic

James Paterson – Business development director, CSSCloud Ltd

MileIQ Unlimited is included with all Microsoft 365 Business standard subscriptions. Call or email CSSCloud today to enable your system and ditch those log books.