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CSSCloud have a range of telecoms services designed to help your business get the right balance between functionality and cost. Our sales team can help untangle the jargon and get the right product.

Least-Cost Call Routing

We’ve partnered with Comtech to help our customers make cheaper calls. It’s like a price comparison website for your phone – as you place a call, it is routed across the cheapest available network.

We have been offering this service to schools and businesses in the East Anglia Region for many years, and during this time we have built up an impressive customer database. The least-cost routing is provided by way of Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS), this is an improved form of indirect access whereby BT re-routes your telephone calls at their exchange.

By changing from your current telephone service provider – usually BT – and routing your telephone calls via an alternative network, substantial cost savings can be made.

Quick, easy and FREE to switch. No fixed contract.

  • Enjoy cheaper phone calls

    Take advantage of the cheapest call routing options.

  • Works automatically

    The call is automatically routed via the cheapest method.

  • Simple and effective

    Customers won't see a different number when you call, and your business saves money.

VOIP Telephony

Voice over IP, or VOIP, is a method of routing telephone calls across the internet rather than the telephone exchange. This can bring many benefits, chiefly scalability. Need more phone lines? Just add additional VOIP licenses. Rather than adding expensive analogue lines you can add new digital lines with the same dialling code as your location.

You can enjoy the full benefits of a conventional PABX system through hosted VOIP. Call diversion, call pickup, hunt groups and call forwarding can all be configured in seconds.

  • Perfect call quality

    VOIP lines sound great and offer high definition call quality between VOIP users.

  • Pickup Calls

    Pickup other people's calls and transfer calls between numbers.

  • Divert to your mobile

    Divert your direct line calls to a mobile app when you're on the go.

  • Set up hunt groups

    Allow incoming calls to ring around a pre-defined set of users.

Need a broadband solution? We can offer that too!

We partner with unbeatable providers to give you rock-solid, reliable and affordable broadband.

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